Not the end, but a New Beginning

The Board of the Moose Exchange met after a fire ripped through the Moose Exchange, causing water, smoke, and fire damage to the building. Oren Holbak, the Executive Director at the Moose Exchange, said after their meeting they have decided that they “will continue on with the Moose Exchange. One way or another, it will continue on.” ...Read More

Nature in Bloom: Love It's Still in the Air - Although Valentine’s Day has passed, I find myself pondering this idea of ‘love’. It is such an abstract concept, one that doesn’t have any single definition. Sure, you can look up the word “love” in the dictionary and read about the varying levels of affection and passion, etc. etc. But it seems that love is something much more complex, and at times far too simple, to be limited to any one idea....Read More

BU's Black History - Ninety-Nine years ago, Helen Park graduated from Bloomsburg University. So what? Well, this may take on a new significance when you find out she was the first African American to do so.Since that day in 1915, BU’s Black history has blossomed as a trip to the University archives has revealed. After Parks came Edith, Marion and Hope Dennis, three sisters who hailed from Wilkes-Barre....Read More

'The Lego Movie' is an adorable adaptation- The LEGO figurines from childhood come to life in “The Lego Movie,” which is currently number one at the box office and continuing to peak after its second week in theaters. The film brings in the talented voices of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson and Charlie Day....Read More

United Salvages Draw from Fiery Fulham - “Moyes Out” has been the headlines for about three months, as Manchester United has blundered their way into a dismal seventh place. The Premier League Champions of the previous season have been in horrifying form, as opposed to the stellar form their fans are used to ...Read More